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Eagle Eye Pest Control & Termite has over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of pest control. We are extremely reliable and do offer emergency services. We take pride in assuring that your needs are taken care of. We are able to provide all of our customers with reasonable pricing, qualit...
In the hot summer months, Pasadena's drought-like climate causes bugs to stop by for a visit. According to pest control services in Pasadena and surrounding Texas areas, homes are being invaded by ants, fleas, and chinch bugs. The reason – the bugs are looking for moisture. Pasadena exterminators say the chinch bugs target grass, sucking out sap which causes it to ultimately dry out and die. Fleas, on the other hand, target humans and other mammals. The tiny insect, which can jump 7 inches vertically and over 10 inches horizontally, latches on to people and feeds off their blood. Not only do fleas leave irritating, itchy bite marks, they can also transmit diseases.